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Niki & Donna - Niki Haris, Donna De Lory

Ever since Donna De Lory and Niki Haris met more than 25 years ago, the singers have shared a deep kinship, both musically and spiritually.

 Fans felt it, too, as they heard the pair’s extraordinary harmonies wrap around each other to form one singular voice for nearly 15 years as they backed Madonna on several tours and videos.

Their lives had other uncanny parallels too: both are the children of professional musicians and their daughters, now 13, were born one day apart.

Now, Niki and Donna have reunited, as Niki + Donna, for their double track single, a cover of Madonna’s “Rain,” available digitally May 13. The remix version sparkles with sensual vibrancy, while the acoustic rendition highlights their amazing vocal union, reminiscent of when they first performed the song with Madonna on 1993’s Girlie Show tour.

“There’s something really special that happens when we sing together,” Donna says. “It’s an energy. It’s a sisterly love and support,” Donna says. “We have such history together.”

The pair hopes to record an EP of covers and never-before-heard originals through a crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMusic.

“I thought we’d just do one song but it turned into realizing how precious it was the way our voices blended together,” Niki says. “We knew we had a lot of colors that we were not paying attention to so we thought we’d put them on other songs as well.”

Niki and Donna have each had remarkable solo careers. Donna has recorded albums on MCA, then formed a partnership with cellist Cameron Stone for her first independent release, Bliss, as she moved into world music, had her music heard in yoga studios around the world and, most recently, released The Unchanging, on which Niki appeared on the track “Kinder.” Niki has released 9 studio and live albums, as well as collaborated with such artists as Whitney Houston, Tom Jones, Ray Charles, Santana and Enrique Iglesias.

Now they’ve come back together in response to both their fans’ requests and their own hearts. “We’re gathering music. We’re gathering our stories,” Niki says. “We’re staying grateful that so many have come and asked us to be together and we hope you support us in this endeavor.”


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